Ol Fosse d'ourth
6660 Houffalize

Cindy Waterschoot:
0032 (0) 61280562


Houffalize is located in the Belgian Ardennes.
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0032 (0) 496 63 86 22 

Coach info tec 1011

- From Liège (gare des Guillemins quai D) to Houffalize                (place Albert 1er) approximately 1h15 
- From Arlon (Sq Astrid-R de Bastogne) to Houffalize 
(place Albert 1er) approximately 1h15

Train info from Airports

- From Charleroi to Liège approximately 1h25
- From Brussels to Liège approximately 0h55
- From Koln to Liège approximately 1h05 (Thalys)
- From Dusseldorf to Liège approximately 1h40 (Thalys)
- From Paris Nord to Liège approximately 2h15 (Thalys)
- From Aachen to Liège approximately 0h25 (Thalys)
- From Luxemburg to Arlon approximately 0h50 


- Brussels airport to Houffalize 1h40
- Charleroi airport to Houffalize 1h25
- Antwerp to Houffalize 2h
- Liège to Houffalize 0h50
- Luxemburg airport to Houffalize 1h15
- Koln to Houffalize 2h
- Frankfurt Airport to Houffalize 3h
- Paris airport to Houfflaize 3h20
- Lille to Houffalize 2h45
- Eindhoven to Houffalize 2h05
- Ostend airport to Houffalize 2h45
- Dover (UK) to Houffalize 4h45
- London airport to Houffalize 6h